Patients e-medisol

E-MEDISOL provides access to medical practitioners and health systems and auxiliaries to diagnose and obtain support for remedy on a timely basis without leaving the patient’s location.

Telemonitoring provides daily knowledge of health status without the need for a clinician or caregiver to be physically present at the patient’s or doctor’s location, thus eliminating gaps in client monitoring and enhancing the ability to identify new trends.

  • Prevents unnecessary hospitalizations or emergency room visits
  • Encourages adherence to the prescribed care plan
  • Improves ability to stay independent and in the home
  • Provides peace of mind that health status is being monitored every day
Patients | E-Medisol
Patients | E-Medisol
  • Documenting vital signs and symptoms from home without the intervention of a clinician empowers clients to identify better factors that can exacerbate their health conditions and enable them for self-management, translating into higher patient satisfaction.
  • Using telephony improves communications between patients and caregivers, giving the caregivers and patients data in real-time, thus enhancing the overall diagnosis.
  • Remote monitoring improves client care by collecting vital client information daily
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