Mental Listener


Are you experiencing anxiety or other wellness disorder symptoms?

We provide an active 24 hour Online Mental Wellness Listening and Solutions Platform accessed directly from our E-Medisol App with one touch.

We care about your wellbeing! 100% Secured.

We offer services to individuals, corporations, and other organizations without a wait in line.

Let us help you to keep your Team healthy, engaged, and productive in a Convenient, confidential, and virtual environment.

Our well-structured referral system allows individuals and employees to choose their dedicated, licensed therapist. Upon diagnosis, therapy can begin immediately after completion of the selection process. To start, you will initiate our secured private messaging or live video sessions after registration, intake assessment, technologically developed personalized recommendations, and selection of your preferred Medical Practitioner from our list.

E-Medisol provides more effective and convenient therapeutic solutions through our Telemedicine mechanism than traditional therapy. You will be receiving optimized care by connecting with our mobile application.

With the increased level of challenges and the resultant stress experienced, we are providing reimagined Self-improvement with the application of science-based tools and exercises to achieve greater happiness by increasing access to medicine through the more rapid delivery of quality services.

To address the needs of our clients, we have developed an environment centered around privacy, personalized care, and empathetic understanding by engaging a cadre of professionals in the medical and technological spheres. They are ready to listen to each person’s individualized experiences to find a suitable solution and improved cognitive wellness regardless of the complexity of the need.

Our mental wellness program provides a sterile and safe place where people can speak to someone confidentially and hear without judgment.

Get in Touch

E-Medisol confidential listener is available 24 hours daily regardless of your location, especially in those moments when you are experiencing a crisis and need help with choices without compromising your well being.

Our system here at E-Medisol supports families and friends by providing an unbiased listening ear and a professional and empathetic solution. Every case will be secured with the utmost privacy to maintain anonymity. The latter eliminates stigma and judgment.

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