Doctors e-medisol

E-MEDISOL provides a communication, diagnostic and remedy tool that enables them to increase their time utilization, the efficiency of operation and security of interactivity


Services on our platform include:

  • Risk Assessment – Symptom Heat Mapping
  • Image-based Vitals testing
  • Respiratory Disease Management with immediacy. – Diagnose, Monitor and track your COPD and asthma
  • A home-based approach to diagnosing infections
  • Chronic Kidney Disease Early Detection.
  • Standardized Digital Wound Management.
  • Urinary Tract Infection Test and Treat.
  • Streamlining Prenatal Care.
  • Electronic Prescription.
Online Doctor Visit | E-Medisol
  • Chat and Video transcription.
  • Patient Connection and data
  • Medical Professional Database
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) preparation feature introduced in a previous model, blood oxygen detection
  • Medical ultrasound. – to create an image of internal body structures
  • Measuring tape. – for length, height, head circumference, and girth measurements
  • Medical halogen penlight. – to see into the eye, natural orifices, etc. and to test for pupillary light reflex, etc.

Sphygmomanometer. – to measure the patient’s blood pressure

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