About e-medisol

We, here at E-MEDISOL, are a technology-based health care Platform with mobile and online-diagnostic software that caters to patients and medical providers with the capacity to conduct virtual visits and promptly offer solutions with real-time information without requiring an immediate in-person visit unless the outcome requires emergency intervention.

We also collect and secure data with encryption and operate through text, call, and video to connect doctors and patients for diagnosis, prescriptions, referrals, and billing. In addition to common ailment diagnosis, we offer solutions for terminal diseases such as cancer programs, high-risk pregnancy follow-ups, opioid management programs, and behavioral health programs. Additional services include providing telepsychiatry services, which is even more pressing during a global pandemic.

Our value-based care model is a vital part of this digital health solution. We are transforming health care by partnering with local doctors, medical centers, nurses, and other providers to make sure members receive the right care at the right time and in the right place.

About | Online Doctor Visit | E-Medisol
Online Doctor Visit | E-Medisol

Another technology tool on our platform is the interactive system daily to monitor patients who need hospital-level in-home treatment to check vital signs and symptoms remotely. In less than 30 seconds, these critical signs and symptoms are transmitted securely over the smartphone line or website to a central monitoring station where our nurses review and contact our clients in the event of any abnormal readings. Abnormal readings are then communicated to the patient’s physician, who can adjust the client’s care plan to prevent trips to the hospital or emergency room.

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